A huge thank you to everyone.  You all made this so easy.  As you know my work travel schedule is crazy and Im never where I need to be to sign docs and do inspections and walkthroughs.  You guys worked as a team and took the pain out of all that and made this the simplest and easiest process.  I really cant thank you enough.  Hal and I are now owners of an amazing house and we are excited beyond words, and all of you helped make this dream come true.
-David Durney & Harold Cooks

I feel fortunate that Mark was my listing agent. He has a lot of experience dealing with title, pricing, and buyers demands, so I always felt like I could trust his work. He was right on target with the current market, and what I might expect as a seller. He knew exactly what to do and who to talk to in order to keep the transaction progressing smoothly. Ill look forward to working with Mark (Kunce) again when I buy.
-Cathy Aborn

“Dan Becker did an amazing job of guiding us through the uncertainness of buying a home. His real estate expertise and negotiation skills allowed for a quick offer acceptance, smooth escrow process and fast close. Dan always answered his phone on the first ring and followed-up on any outstanding items. His attention to detail allowed for quick resolutions on any issues.”
-Jim Harrison

I loved the fact that Dan Becker was on top of every aspect of the sale (so I did not have to be). He was dedicated to every detail and went beyond expectations to make sure all the obstacles of the sale was dealt with fairly and on time. In my sale he had to deal with land easements, lawyers and neighbors (oh my). And did it all with the upmost respect and professionalism, and did it with a smile. I had an incredible experience with Dan and highly recommend him.
-Morris Neer

From the first time I met with Dan I felt that I could trust him. He listened to what I said I wanted and he delivered. He has gone out of his way to help make things happen. Since I have not been living in San Diego, and since I have been travelling, it has been hard for me to stay on top of things. Dan has done it for me. Dan will be among my first guests when I am settled in my new condo. Thank you, Dan.
-Anne Elliott

Mark (Kunce) found me just the right home in a great neighborhood, Kensington. He tuned in to what my wants and needs in a home…even better than I knew them myself!  Mark had a vision for the house that I didn’t (i.e. a little remodeling here or bit of landscaping there…all of which I eventually did).  His instincts are right on! Needless to say, he handled the negotiations and the transaction details adeptly and smoothly.  Everyone was a winner in the end.  It’s obvious that Mark is not just trying to make money but loves his profession and is dedicated to his clients.  Whether buyer or seller I recommend Mark.
-Bill Martin

With Mark (Kunce) as my agent for the sale of my property, I had nothing to worry about the marketing and sell went very smoothly, without any unexpected problems or delays. I appreciated his expert knowledge of the Real Estate market and advice on showing my home, as well as his communication skills in the process. I would be happy to have him as my agent in the future.
Janet Doerr

Dan (Becker) and I met at the Investor Workshop and have been a team ever since. I am a new investor specializing in Green renovations and selling healthy homes to the consumer. Dan and I learned the house evaluation process together and are now able to evaluate properties expeditiously for rehab needs and costs and place offers appropriately and timely for purchase. I am proud to say that Dan closed the deal on my first official business property in February and it became a very successful venture for me. With the market being low in inventory and the competition fierce he continues to encourage me. Each deal is different even when you think youve got everything figured out. I couldnt ask for a better gent to team up with. I say THANK YOU Dan for your professionalism, being an educator and most of all being the friend that gives you the kick in the behind that we all need every now and then. I look forward to continuing this relationship and know it will be nothing but successful for both of us. I recommend Dan to anyone looking for a home or business deal. THANK YOU DAN.
-Diane Whorton NuStart Green Homes

It was a pleasure to work with Dan on my first foreclosure purchase. Ive purchased homes before but not a foreclosure and as an investment. He gave me good options, guidance and help set the right expectations which really help me manage my crazy travel schedule. I appreciate him being a 2nd set of eyes on all the communications with the lender to catch a few of their errors. I highly recommend him if youre looking for a hardworking honest realtor that is responsive, accountable and earns his commission. Ive now worked with Dan and Mark, what a great team!!!
-Sherman T

Our realtor Dan Becker went above and beyond in finding the perfect home for our family. From start to finish Dan was easy to communicate with and provided the type of homes we were looking for until the perfect one became available. The one thing we appreciated the most was that Dan kept us on budget, was honest and only looked out for our best interest. We closed on a bank owned in three months, the process was quick and smooth. Thanks to Dan we love our dream home and not only was he our realtor, he became our friend.
-Lashenia & Reggie Greene

I really appreciated how honest and direct Mark (Kunce) was with me because it help make the communication easier.  It also gave me the confidence that purchasing a property remotely wouldnt be an issue. He understood my requirements to provide me with the guidance necessary to find the right house at the price I wanted.  The deal closed without issue, I cant be more happy with the help of Mark and his entire team during the entire process.

I am writing to express appreciation with working with one of your agents, Mark Miller.
I became acquainted with Mark through a friend who recommended his services after he had successfully worked with Mark.  I started working with Mark in August 2007.
As a first time home buyer, I had no clear expectations when I first started house hunting.  However, his expertise in the transaction process helped me clearly maneuver through all the details.  He provided clear insight into the current market conditions and was able to guide me through the real estate verbiage and technicalities. Mark’s persistence and effort far exceeded my expectations and helped me move into my first home in September 2008.  I appreciate the outstanding work Mark executed.

Mark (Kunce) did a wonderful job of selling rental units for me and finding new units to buy.   He set up the 1031 exchange and all transactions went smoothly.
-Hal D.