No one ever succeed by himself or herself. Look around you. For every San Diego Real Estate Investor you might know, there is a group of people working behind the scenes who support his or her success. They are the Network – who is helping Real Estate Investor succeed.

1. Your Inner Circle Network
Your Inner Circle Network is composed of the key people closest to you, the select group you trust the most. All of them should have more Real Estate Investment knowledge, experience and success than you have. They are your mentors, consultants, and partners. You will have to be in touch with them at least once a month. Don’t pay thousands of dollars for mentor-ship. Save money for the down payment. There are millions of mentors all over the world that will cost you as little as a cup of coffee. You just need to prove your commitment. Seasoned real estate investors enjoy sharing what they know but only after you have proven that you are worthy of their time.

2. Your Support Circle
Your Support Circle is composed of the key fiduciary people in your real estate investment life. They are professionals you rely on to advise you on both the details of specific transactions and the people you will need to complete them. They are the real estate agents, lenders, accountants, contractors, attorneys.

3. Your Service Circle
Your Service Circle is composed of specialized independent contractors, and freelancers. They are the inspectors, painters, landscapers, and the other you may need depending on the situation.
Your network can become what you want it to become and ultimately mirror your vision of your life. Make sure you put your Network together ahead of time.