Setting your real estate investing goals is essential to your success in real estate investing. In order to figure out what type of property you are looking for you will need to know what exactly you want to get from real estate investing. Is your goal is to make $5,000 per month in passive income? Is you goal to flip four homes per month? You want to be a multi-millionaire by 50 years old?
Life is too big to think small. If you want to lead a big life, your thinking has to lead the way. We can’t tell you how many times we hear the refrain “I wish I had started sooner, bought more, and sold less”. Even successful San Diego Real Estate Investors realized that as big as their thinking had been, they could have thought even bigger.
So think big, set Big Goals.
The other day I met the college graduate kid at the University club for breakfast, whom I had been mentoring after he came to our Millionaire Investor Seminar. He told me “By the time I become at your age, my goal is to own a few buildings like this (The Symphony Towers).”
If you overheard twenty-some year old kid saying that, you might laugh at him. But the truth to be told, he is getting there. After he graduated UCSD, instead of becoming a salaried employee, he found the way to getting into real estate investment – flipping luxury properties – with none his own money. After several successful flips, recently he has taken the next step, developing condominiums, commercial properties.

If you know where you are going, there is a path to get there. The art of setting your Big Goals is knowing your ultimate destination and being driven to get there. And the question becomes “How do I achieve that?”
The answer is found in proven Big Models.


If you follow the models and actions that lead you to $5,000 in new worth, they are not likely to allow you to get beyond that goal to, say, $175,000. By following the $5,000 model, you have created for yourself a low ceiling. Your success is limited by following the small Models. In a contrast, following the Big Models that can lead you to $1 million in net worth will pull you through lower levels. It’s the power that comes from following Big Models and developing Big Habits to implement them. This is the magic of Big Models.
San Diego Millionaire Real Estate Investors have Big Goals. So should you. Take a moment now and write them down. Then find out your Big Models to attain them.