Apartment List recently released its list of the best cities for young families, and now the company dug deeper into the data to find the best metro areas for families. San Diego is ranked at NO.4 on its most recent.

The analysis is based on four different factors:

        • Safety (35%): used FBI data to rank cities by the number of violent crimes and property crimes per 100,000 residents.
        • Housing Cost (30%): used census data to calculate the percentage of the median renter income required to rent a 2-bedroom apartment.
        • School Quality (25%): Cities were ranked on high school graduation rate for public school districts based in that city. Comparing schools across different states can be challenging, but using high school graduation rate data from the Department of Education gives us a good estimate of overall school quality.
        • Child Friendliness (10%): Communities with a greater percentage of children tend to be more child friendly, so we used census data to score cities based on the percentage of the population that’s under 18.

    San Diego received excellent scores for safety and schools, earning a B+ overall, was the safest metro area in their study. Another great reason to invest in San Diego real estate!