For the first time the “same home” price comparison allows homeowners to compare what the same home would cost in every city in the San Diego counties. Current pricing methods, which use median or average price, can’t do this. To compare homes, you must compare apples to apples and the “same home” price comparison does just that.

It calculates the current price of three standard size homes – 1,700 sqft, 2,500 sqft, and 3,500 sqft. The tables provide the price, the price per sq. ft. and the 12-month price change of each home size, then ranks them from lowest to highest price. If a city is not listed, or an N/A is inserted, its because there were not enough sales in that city of that home size to make a reliable calculation. In the price calculations, the average price per square foot is calculated from sales over the last six months of homes around that square foot.

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