San Diego, California, December 2015 Press Release.

Real Estate Agents Mark Kunce and Dan Becker of Keller Williams San Diego Metro will hold their 55th Millionaire Real Estate Investor Workshop on February 2, 2016 from 7:00 pm at their office in the Hillcrest area, San Diego.

“This monthly seminar offers the proven models and systems for becoming wealthy through real estate investing. This workshop is based on the book The Millionaire Real Estate Investor, written by Gary Keller, which collects the wisdom and experience of more than 120 Millionaire Real Estate Investors who built financial wealth through real estate investing.” said Mark Kunce.

Their fist seminar was held back on Jun 28, 2011. Since then their meetup group has grown, now they have more than 1300 members.

“People come to our seminar are not only real estate investors, but they are first time home buyers, veterans and military members, real estate agents who also want to learn about the fundamentals of real estate investing. And many of them are coming back to hear it for the second and third time.” said, Dan Becker. “We often have many college students who needs some credits. We had no idea that colleges are giving them credit for attending our seminar”.

Mark and Dan recently helped investors from the seminar to flip a property, and Navy Seal purchased his first multi-units property in San Diego. Dan also works in Palm Springs, helping investors buy/sell vacation homes or investment properties. Mark has been mentoring a young college graduate, who became a residential/commercial developer without using his own money. Mark was an expert guest on The Michael E. Gerber Show and joined a select group of business experts and entrepreneurs to collaborate and co-write the business and marketing book titled “Trendsetters”.

“You can also learn some Real Estate Investment Strategy on our website,” said Mark Kunce. “But we really hope you can join our seminar. Interactions and sharing successes, mistakes and ideas makes the seminar unique and more special each time.”

After the seminar, they have some networking time where seminar attendees can mingle each other, and talk with Mark and Dan.
“Our seminar is free, and not a sales pitch. We have great time sharing our experience and knowledge. We hope everyone leaves the our seminar more knowledgeable than when they come in. ” said Dan.

Mark and Dan stated that the next seminar would be on Wednesday, February 2, 2016 from 7:00 pm at 3965 5th Ave #200 San Diego. You can register by calling (619) 663-7139 or visit their Web site, or the meetup website