The bulk of calls we receive from homeowners is asking for tips on selling a home. Many have had their home on the market for months without a offer. “San Diego Real Estate Market is hot. My house is always clean, de-cluttered and de-personalized. We priced it right. But why isn’t My San Diego House Selling?” A home doesn’t sell due to a variety of factors, but after we looked at these properties, we noticed some key points.

1. Pricing

Your price should be based on current condition of your home, age, lot size, location, structure, and amenities such as garage, fireplace, deck. Not the average price per square foot for the area. Think like a appraiser. For example, find a the most comparable sale that are closest to you. And adjust the price. If the homes sold at $400,000, but it has 2 fireplaces and 2 car garage with 2 parking spaces and you have only 1 fireplace and 1 car garage with 1 parking spaces, you need about minus-$10,000 adjustment. Your listing price should be $399,000 (target sale price $390,000), not $409,000 (target sale price $400,000).

2. Change Description, Check MLS

Your home in fact does have the same features as comp and still your home is not selling, consider changing the description. For example, change “Beautiful upgraded gourmet kitchen that catches your eye as soon as you walk through the front door” to “Gourmet kitchen features soft close cabinets, SS appliances, glass-tile backsplash, under-cabinet lighting”. San Diego MLS only allows 510 characters. So sometimes it is better to just lay out everything that your home offers rather than being too creative. It also helps avoid appraisal coming in lower than the sale price when appraiser can compare your home upgrades to others. Also, make sure all the home features are on MLS.
Why Isn't My Home Selling?

3. Marketing Your Home

The majority of buyers look online first for properties. It’s crucial that your home has multiple professional-quality photos that make it look as enticing as possible and that your home appears on multiple websites so buyers can see it. Shoot wide angles with plenty of light showcasing your home’s best features.

Sometimes market conditions or a specific flaw in your home make it tougher to sell as quickly as you would like. You can offer particular incentives, such as closing-cost help, or increase buyers agent commission (1% buyers agent commission increase of $500,000 home is better than $10,000 price reduction for home seller. But it means a lot for buyers agent) to over come that. An experienced Realtor can come up with ways to emphasize your properties positive aspects and de-emphasize any negative aspects, such as by staging the backyard or highlighting the renovated kitchen.