You are wondering exactly how much are closing costs when selling a house in San Diego. This list is strictly an estimate and should in no way be held as the true and actual cost. The cost to sell a house depends on a number of factors, including the final sales price, the type of property, and the terms of the purchase agreement.

Also, depending on the offer, you may pay part of your buyer’s fees.

In California, as in most states; selling a house is not as simple as finding a buyer, receiving payment, and handing over the keys to sell a house in today’s market; you must be an expert or have the help of one in both selling and marketing property.

There are numerous costs associated with getting your home sold that you should be aware of. Consult with your San Diego Real Estate Agents as costs will be specific to your transaction.

How Much are Commissions?

In San Diego, the commission is 100% negotiable and will vary depending on experience, location, agency, etc.

The agent fee includes marketing your home, giving tours of your home, setting up open houses, broadcasting to other agents, listing your property on popular sites such as Zillow and Trulia, and posting manual ads on sites such as Facebook, Blog Sites, Main Websites and more. You don’t ever want to choose an agent based on commission. Not all brokers are created equal and the marketing plan brings more showings which bring more offers which generally means a higher selling price and more money in your pocket.

Let’s say that the average price of a House in San Diego is around $750,000 (which we will use throughout this example).

If the commission to sell this home was 6%, you would pay $45,000 total. In California, typically the seller pays the entire commission to both the listing agent and the buyer’s agent.

How Much Are Closing Costs?

Here is an example of seller closing costs for a $750,000 sale, closing on 5/16/2021. This is just an example, of course, to get an idea of what a closing estimate can look like.  This seller has a mortgage with a principal balance of $250,000.

Item Debit Seller Credit Seller
Sales Price $750,000.00
Loan Payoff (1st Mortgage)
Current Balance $250,000.00
Interest Adjustment (5/1 to 5/27, 27 days) $0.00
Statement/Demand Fee $30.00
Reconveyance Fee $45.00
Buyer Brokerage Fee $22,500.00
Seller Brokerage Fee $22,500.00
Additional Costs
Document Preparation fee $50.00
HOA Statement – lien release/removal $50.00
Processing/handling/digital filing $75.00
Wire fee $25.00
Notary fees $150.00
Property Taxes Due
(1.25% prorated 5/28/2021 to 6/30/2021)
Homeowners Association Fees (5/1/2021 to 5/28/2021) $0.00
Escrow Fee ($3,825.00 Split between Buyer & Seller) $1,912.50
Title Fee ($1,938.00 Paid by Seller) $1,938.00
County Recording Fee (14 estimated pages) $54.00
County Transfer Tax ($825.00 Paid by Seller) $825.00
Debit Subtotal $300,154.50
Credit Subtotal $750,847.60
Estimated Net Proceeds at Closing $450,693.10


Important Disclaimer: This is a Preliminary Estimate. The values in this report are ESTIMATED values. Actual values may vary in each state, county and office. Also, values may change based on eligible discounts, local charges, and other fees and credits.

Additional Charges

The Residential Purchase Agreement outlines the terms of the sale.  Terms can include a seller credit towards buyer closing costs, or a buyer credit towards seller closing costs. Buyers often request a one-year home warranty, a natural hazard disclosure report, and a termite inspection. Buyers may also request that the seller complete repairs, such as fixing a plumbing leak, replacing a roof, or clearing a termite infestation and repairing termite damage. Repair requests are negotiated between the buyer and seller after inspections are completed.


  • Home Warranty for Buyer: $375
  • Termite Inspection and Repairs: $600
  • Natural Hazard Report fee: $108

How much is closing cost on a house in San Diego?

Total closing costs to sell a $750,000 home could cost anywhere from approximately $50,000 to $55,000 or even more.


Choose an Agent to help you with the process

As you can see, it can be quite costly to sell a house in San Diego. Ensuring that you have the best chance to sell your home means spending a little extra. Get Help Selling your Property, contact us to discuss selling your property.